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Book Review: The Wealthy Barber


Most financial books are intimidating for beginners.

I just discovered  a wonder weapon, that I will recommend to novices.

The Wealthy Barber a story of 3 young people getting financial advice from a barber.

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Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door

The millionaire next door has a secret. He does not match your mental image of a millionaire. Not at all.

He doesn't own costly watches, he has a relatively cheap car. He doesn't have his house in a fancy neighborhood. His suit is just about average.

One might even mistake him for a pretty boring dude.

Maybe we are unwise to act like "the rich" - at least if we have absolutely no idea what that really means.

I highly recommend to read The millionaire next door. It will change your picture of how you become and stay rich.

Book review: Linchpin - Are You Indispensable?

Cover of Linchpin

I just finished reading "Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?" from Seth Godin. The book really strikes a chord with me.

Essentially it tells you why its a good idea to not only do your "job". Why you should care to be an artist and why you should engage much more. It suggests that you have much more to offer than just being a cooperate drone.

It also talks about fear and hesitation. And why you should not listen to this kind of thoughts -
just act on your ideas.

I couldn't agree more! Every other way of working is a waste of your time.

I enjoyed reading the book.

I made me stop and think about what I can contribute.

Highly recommended.

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