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Here is a skill that helps you to become financial independent, healthier, happier and helps you to grow as a person.

It is not very popular these days. But hey -  Common Sense these days makes no sense at all.

I am talking about insourcing.

Insourcing means taking your own matters into your own hand.

It means going for a daily walk, instead of taking those pills against high blood pressure.

It means cooking your own food, instead of running to the next restaurant.

It means to change a bad situation instead of complaining.

It means you stay at home with your children when they are small.

It means you clean your own flat.

It means growing your own food. Organic, local, seasonal and fresh. You name it.

It means building your own items. Maybe even your own house.

It means when something breaks you try to repair it.

It means before buying something new - you think about what item does nearly the same and use it.

It means you build the toys for your children - toys they will probably never forget.

You get the rough idea. Insourcing is absolutely simple.

Where do you insource already?



  1. Hi Robert -
    "Insourcing"- what a cool concept! I like that. We follow a lot of these practices. Mr. Groovy and I are getting ready right now to take our daily walk. We listen to inspiring podcasts so that we're doing something healthy for our bodies and our minds.

    • Hi Mrs. Groovy,

      this sounds awesome!

      After I started walking thos really started to cure some of my "chronical" conditions.

      Additional it really helps me to think, when I am in nature 🙂

      Hope you and Mr. Groovy enjoy your walks!

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