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Strangers in strange lands



We can remember between 5 and 9 digits.

So why do we value our self-images so much?

Would you rather look at the image of a flower or at the flower itself?
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Happiness comes first


Sometimes, when I think about my bright financial future, something bad happens.

I want to be financial independent so badly, that I do not respect the present.

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Book review: Linchpin - Are You Indispensable?

Cover of Linchpin

I just finished reading "Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?" from Seth Godin. The book really strikes a chord with me.

Essentially it tells you why its a good idea to not only do your "job". Why you should care to be an artist and why you should engage much more. It suggests that you have much more to offer than just being a cooperate drone.

It also talks about fear and hesitation. And why you should not listen to this kind of thoughts -
just act on your ideas.

I couldn't agree more! Every other way of working is a waste of your time.

I enjoyed reading the book.

I made me stop and think about what I can contribute.

Highly recommended.

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